Thursday, July 29, 2010

For who I am.

Why is it that the people who have affected you the most only last a short step?
It's kind of disheartening to know that they meant more to you than you did to them.

I came across this Aesop's Fable: The Gnat & The Bull

A gnat alighted on one of the horns of a bull, and remained sitting there for a considerable time. When it had rested sufficiently and was about to fly away, it said to the bull, "Do you mind if I go now?" The bull merely raised his eyes and remarked, without interest, "It's all one to me. I didn't notice when you came, and I shan't know when you go away."

We may often be more consequence in our own eyes than in the eyes of our neighbors.

Bringing this all to Jesus, I know that my life is being taken care of. Fully & lovingly. It's true, I am aware of this. But to be frank, I still feel that twinge.

~A Thought.

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  1. You are precious to me, forever and always, sweet sister.

    I love you with all of my heart.