Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Writing challenges me. 
It's hard to take my limitless thoughts and limit them onto a page. 
How do I portray struggle, passion, & life into words? Into my own voice?
I want what I say to mean something to you. 
I want you to know how I feel.
If I choke & can't muster up the perfect words, then I'd rather not write at all,
or say anything at all.

I have so much to tell & I've so much heat in my bones, but when I try to explain my heart to you...
I can't even get it out of my chest.
How can I take what I've seen into a feeling?
This doesn't mean I NEVER write.
I do, just in small increments.
Most likely they are never finished.

I have come to terms with my habits of refusing to write anything at all.
More recently I've developed something that works in the meantime.
& that "something" seems to be a form of short.
& when I say short, I mean 2-20 words.
They are more ideas rather than full thoughts.
I know that you might not understand me.  
[Which, I secretly wish you would.]

I guess, the best way to describe this part of me would be this:
I live. I think. I try to write.